Summit Weekly 08.09.2019

Summit Weekly 08.09.2019

This Sunday we will continue our series on How to Beat the Odds with a message about how to win when it comes to money.

Many people feel the burden of student loans or other financial pressures in life. Stats show that money is the number one thing that people fight about in marriage.

Others are thankful to make good money but wonder why they can never seem to get ahead. And for those who have been very financially successful over time, they know it often can complicate family relationships or add new pressures that they need to navigate.

It’s why I am excited to have a special message by Dave Ramsey (via video) that we will share this Sunday at Summit! 

He’s hilarious – and will share some practical insights from God’s Word about how to win in your personal finances. If you want to take some positive steps forward when it comes to money, get here this weekend and bring along friends who could use some financial encouragement as well.

A resource we provide to help people in our church and community beat the odds is Financial Peace University.  

Through the years, we’ve had hundreds of people take this 9-week class and make incredible progress in their financial life. For those who are interested, the next class will start on Sunday, September 15th at 1:30pm.

You can register online now or contact for more information.

Teacher Basket Appreciation

Thanks so much to everyone who donated teacher supplies the past two weeks!

The gift baskets were assembled and given to every teacher at Verrado High School earlier this week. We heard from teachers who were so grateful and encouraged by what you did for them.

We’ve had an incredible relationship with Verrado High School through the years, and it’s because of moments like this.  Thanks for all the ways you love others in our community and respond to these kinds of opportunities!

You lower barriers and help people take a fresh look at the church and Christians. It’s been a joy through the years to see how God uses simple acts of generosity and kindness to open doors to learn about Jesus. 

God’s Blessings,

Pastor Nate

P.S.  I’m praying for all our teachers and students as you launch into this new school year. Enjoy the journey!

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