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Summit Weekly

When turning on the news, it is so refreshing to hear a story of a hero or something positive.

Bad news often dominates the headlines, which is why I loved the following story that broke back in May!

Man Saves Child Dangling from Paris Building

This unlikely hero was in the right place at the right time–when he noticed a child barely hanging onto a balcony four floors above him.  He quickly scaled the outside of the building and pulled the child to safety.

That story could have gone easily gone a different direction!

This Sunday we kick off a new series called Unlikely Heroes, and I’d love to have you join us!

The Bible is filled with many stories and the history of God’s people over time. There are some heroes who trusted God in incredible ways.

There are are also plenty of “negative” headline stories with kings and other leaders who made poor choices. And then there are some unlikely heroes who made an impact that many did not see coming.

For the next few weeks, I will share about some of those Bible characters who became unlikely heroes–and what we can learn from them today.

Our Summit Kids and our Apex Student environments will also be focusing on a Heroes theme in the coming weeks.

I pray this series will encourage and challenge us in some helpful ways this summer!

See You Sunday,


Pastor Nate

P.S.  Our annual Voters Meeting will take place on July 22nd between the two services. Summit members will vote to approve our annual budget and candidates for our Board of Directors (Arja Scott, Dave Reinhardt & Mark Plitzuweit).  The annual meeting packet will be emailed to Summit members next week.

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