9/2/16 – Life is Better Together

When you look at the items below, what do these four things have in common?

  • Ping-pong
  • A lunch date
  • Traffic jam
  • Trust fall

Each of these require others to do them with you! Some things in life are not meant to be done alone. At Summit we believe that to be true! We believe that God made us to be in relationships. Relationship with others and relationship with Him. He wants us to grow in our faith life and to do that alongside others.

At Summit, we encourage people to engage in three things: Worship, Serve and be involved in a Growth Group. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been at Summit for a month, a few years or longer… Connecting with others and growing in our faith are everyday needs for all of us.


We believe that in Growth Groups people can learn, talk, and live out their faith together. Growth Groups are gatherings of small groups of people who meet in homes or the community to “do life together.” Through Growth Groups people connect with others and grow in God’s Word. People encourage, care for and pray for one another–and are missed when they aren’t there.

Everyone has a need for relationships and connections. God tells us to keep Him first and love our neighbors as ourselves. In every relationship there is a risk and we put ourselves out there. However, God’s love is unconditional and there is nothing we can do that would cause Him to not love us.

Take a step. Join a Growth Group today and see life change begin to happen as you trust God more, step out of your comfort zone and make connections with others.

If you haven’t yet joined a group this fall season, I want to encourage you to review the group options and register online. There are over 30 student and adult groups where you can get involved.

Groups will start the week of September 18th, so this is the perfect time to get connected. Questions? Please contact me at niki@summitcc.org.

I’m looking forward to being in this adventure together!

Niki Stewart
Director of Growth Groups

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