The school year will soon begin, which means that many families and teachers are getting ready!

Since Summit worships at a local school, we want to bless the teachers (who share their space with us throughout the year).

Our plan is to put together a gift basket for each of the Verrado High School teachers, and many people took gift tags this past Sunday to help make it happen. Thanks!

If you want to participate, feel free to pick up some gift tags in the lobby this Sunday or sign up by clicking on the following link:

Teacher Supply List

Please bring your donations to worship on Sunday, July 29th or August 5th. We have a team that will then put the baskets together (and deliver them to the high school the first week of school).

Thanks for the many ways you serve through our church and personally serve around the West Valley. I get to hear some fun stories of Summit people making a difference, and I’m proud of each of you!

You’re in my prayers as we head into this new school year and this fall ministry season.

See You Sunday,

Pastor Nate

P.S. Don’t miss this weekend as Pastor Allen preaches about marriage. I love the way he brings God’s Word into everyday life – and know it will be a blessing to many people.

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