Parenting can be hard and confusing.  It’s easy to feel lost and overwhelmed. With thousands of parenting books, blogs, and podcasts available, whose advice should you follow?

Whether someone has a brand-new baby, a teenager or grown children, there are unique challenges in every season as a parent!

It’s why we are launching a new series this Sunday called “Parenting through Proverbs.”  With a little fun from Dr. Seuss, we will explore practical parenting advice from King Solomon (whom God called the wisest man ever).

If you are a parent, you should get to feel confident about your decisions. When faced with a difficult parenting moment, it’s a blessing to know how to react in a way that honors Jesus and is best for your child.If you don’t have children, the book of Proverbs provides a ton of practical wisdom we all need to succeed in life.So come and join us on August 5th for our new “Parenting Through Proverbs” series. We’ll share helpful parenting advice from the Bible and God’s heart for children and parents. God is the perfect parent and showed that by sending Jesus for us.

If you think your friends and neighbors want to feel confident about their parenting decisions, invite them to join you as well.

To everyone who took door hangers home after worship last weekend to spread the word in your neighborhood, we’re truly grateful for your help.

God’s blessings to everyone traveling back into town after the summer! You and your loved ones are in my prayers.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Nate

P.S.  If you signed up to bring teacher supplies (to bless the Verrado High School staff), please bring them with you to worship this Sunday. Here’s the Teacher Supply List if you would like participate.


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