What a fun first week for the Red Letter Challenge!

As people at Summit started the journey, we’ve seen people from other states (and other countries) decide to take the 40-day challenge with us.

Growth Groups started strong as well. People I bumped into this week were excited about gathering with their groups, and one leader said they needed to pull in lawn chairs because it was so full!

I talked to a dad about reading the daily devotion together with their family, and he was pumped to see his teenage daughter engaged in this journey.

My prayer is that our time focused on the words of Jesus–and putting them into practice–will make an incredible impact in your life. There is something special that happens when people spend time with Jesus!

If you still need a Red Letter Challenge devotion book, here are two ways to get one:

I look forward to seeing you in worship tomorrow as our journey continues!


Staff Position Openings


We will soon break ground on our new I-10 campus location to reach even more people for Jesus in the West Valley. As we step into the future, is God calling you (or someone you know) to be a part of our staff team?


We are interviewing for two part-time positions with our ministry support staff:

If you or someone you know is interested in serving with our team, submit a cover page and resume to Summit’s Administrative Director at mrogers@summitcc.org.

Join me in praying for the Holy Spirit to guide our church and build our team (staff, lay leaders and volunteers) for all that the Lord has in store!

God’s Blessings,

Pastor Nate

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