9/8/17 – What A Story!

This past weekend I invited Clint and Penny Bragg to share their marriage story with our church. After 11 years of divorce and 3000 miles between them, God did something incredible!

Since this past Sunday, many people have shared with me how moved and impacted they were by the Bragg’s story. If you didn’t get to hear them, check out the message video below…

Their 12-minute testimony called “God of Second Chances” is toward the end of my message (at the 23:45 mark).

I love their honesty and pray it encourages you as well!

Join us this Sunday and invite a friend as our marriage series continues. I’ll be speaking about “The Vow of Partnership” as we help people strengthen their marriage today–or prepare for that relationship in the future.

Weekend Road Closures

The West Valley is growing, and that means there’s a lot of freeway work. The Westbound I-10 and 303 Loop will have some closures and restricted access the next few days, so keep that in mind for Saturday plans and Sunday worship.

Click this link for more info: ADOT Weekend Update

God’s blessings to you and your loved ones the rest of the week!

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Nate

P.S. Summit’s Fall Baptism Bash is coming soon on September 24th. If you or family members haven’t been baptized, check out our Baptism FAQ‘s and register today!

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