8/25/16 – The Elephant in the Room

I am excited about our new series at Summit called Fight the Good Fight! It’s been a great couple of weeks to dig into God’s Word to learn how to fight for your family and for a great marriage.

This week we will tackle the Elephant in the Room… which is commonly defined as “a serious problem or risk that everyone is aware of but nobody wants to discuss.”

Pornography. It’s a taboo topic for too many churches (and families). But here at Summit, we think it’s too important not to address!

This Sunday we want to provide help and hope to those who do struggle with porn. Even if it doesn’t affect you, it affects someone you know. And for everyone who is raising kids, you won’t want to miss worship this weekend!

Pornography affects many people and families. Here are just a few stats:

           40 million Americans regularly visit porn sites
           One-third of porn viewers are women
           2.5 billion emails a day are pornographic
           11 years is the ave. age a child first sees porn online

Technology makes pornography easily available on cell phones and devices. Instead of having to buy a magazine or use a dial-up modem on a home computer, pictures and video are now instantly available. That makes porn an even bigger temptation and problem for many people today.

The Christian ministry organization I recommend most to help people deal with pornography is XXXchurch.com. It’s why I’m very excited to have the founder (Craig Gross) share some video teaching with Summit this weekend!

He’s one of the leading experts in this field… As your pastor, I want you to have the very best advice, resources and tools to navigate complicated issues.

I’m looking forward to this Sunday and want to encourage you to bring a friend. When we announced the topic in worship this past week, someone told me they were SO thankful Summit was teaching on this (and wished their church would have helped them 20 years ago). I bet some of your friends who are parents would love some godly & practical advice about how to approach this with their kids.

Besides, it’s worth the reaction alone when you ask a friend: “Guess what our church is talking about this Sunday?” 🙂

I’m praying that the Lord blesses many people and families as we gather this weekend!

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Nate

P.S. Our 10:45 APEX high school service will also address pornography this Sunday. The 9:00 APEX middle school service and all Summit Kids venues will continue their normal series/topics.

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