7/29/16 – Dealing with Opposition

How do you deal with opposition? It’s a reality of life that we face almost on a daily basis.

  • You have a great idea at work… but need to overcome a resistance by others to change.
  • You want your kids to clean their rooms… but they have a different plan in mind.
  • You play any kind of sports or game… and there is someone who will stand in the way of victory.

It’s a natural part of life because people see life differently and have different priorities. If you are going to pursue something important and tackle big goals, get used to having others push back along the way.

The more challenging type of opposition is when you deal with an enemy who will attack, insult, undermine and oppose you in very personal ways. For many people that is harder to handle.

It’s one of the things I admire most about Jesus as a leader.


He constantly dealt with opposition from religious and community leaders who wanted to see him fail. They not only watched him closely to see if they could pounce on a mistake (he didn’t make one) – they were constantly trying to trip him up. They schemed up ways to try to get Jesus into trouble (Luke 6:1-11 and many more).

Jesus never got knocked off course. He dealt with his enemies in a Godly way and didn’t forget why he was here. When he was questioned about why he would hang out with a “notorious sinner” – Jesus pointed back to his personal mission:

                   “For the Son of Man came to seek and save those who are lost.” Luke 19:10

The person who understands what they are called to do can brush off critics and keep moving forward in a powerful way.

I pray that we will have that kind of courage as children of God who are called to walk in His ways!

This week I will be preaching about how to handle opposition to your faith. It’s an important topic for Christians here and around the world–so I’m excited to share what God’s given me this week.

See You Sunday,

Pastor Nate

P.S. The new school year is a great time to welcome friends and neighbors to come with you to church. Keep inviting and pray that God impacts many lives in the West Valley this year!

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