7/16/15 – Are We There Yet?

“Are we there yet?”

Revelation 22:20

The brilliant team at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory was having a lot of fun with that question yesterday, as they eagerly awaited confirmation that their New Horizons probe had successfully reached its flyby of Pluto. (If you missed hearing about this 3 billion mile trip that only took 9 years you might enjoy this video.)

It’s also a question I anticipate hearing frequently over the next week. The Parks family is hitting the road, off on another adventure – this time to visit my wife’s parents in Port Arthur, Texas, and then meandering our way back.

We expect to hear, “Are we there yet?” somewhat frequently from the kiddos – and before you know it, the parents are thinking the same thing! (We’ll actually begin to think that somewhere around Casa Grande.)

Although that question can really grate on parents nerves, we recall that it reflects the excitement the children have for reaching our destination – and seeing their grandparents. If they weren’t so excited to go, they wouldn’t be so eager to get there! You know the responses: “Not yet. Another 6 hours. Stop asking. It’s about another 6 hours. We’re 10 minutes closer than when you asked 10 minutes ago.” And finally, “It’s just over the next hill.”

Every day we find ourselves along the way, in the middle of a trip, heading for heaven. Jesus made the trip possible, and we can look forward to the destination. It’s where we’ll have no more pain, or death, or tears, or anxiety, or anger. It’s the perfect place – full of peace and joy. All of that and boundless love are awaiting us. That can make an adult want to exclaim….”Are we there yet?!?!”

Our Father is in the driver’s seat – and he says, “Soon.”

But along the way, there is a lot to see and a lot to do. Be patient and enjoy! Seek out opportunities to serve. Through his forgiveness, he gives us a little slice of heaven to enjoy on earth – knowing that his peace and his love are waiting at his perfect destination – and we trust our arrival to his timing.

With that in mind, we can enjoy the scenery. We can relax in his care, and we can abide in his presence. We can invite others to join us – up and down the hills – and looking around the next bend – keeping our eyes on Jesus – the only road to heaven.

Jesus said, “Surely I am coming soon.” And his people responded, “Amen, come Lord Jesus!” We are part of God’s family, camping with him in this world, eager to arrive at our destination, and thrilled that he sent his son, Jesus, to join us on this journey of grace!

Thanks and blessings,

Pastor Vince

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