6/29/17 – Don’t Judge Too Quickly

The great stories continue!


Eleven miles off the coast of Scotland stands the Bell Rock Lighthouse. It is the world’s oldest surviving sea washed lighthouse. North Sea waves and storms have been crashing into this lighthouse for over 200 years. It still stands strong as a beacon of light. If you missed the photographs – and the explanation – you’ll just have to take a look at last Sunday’s message!

I want your life to be like that lighthouse. I want you to be able to stand strong in a stormy world!

This Sunday we’re continuing to examine Parables – the powerful stories Jesus used to make important points of divine truth.

We’re going to begin with what might be the most misunderstood, misused, and misapplied verse in the Bible. However, it is very popular. Relevant magazine said it’s googled four times more than “For God So Loved the world.” That’s because even people who completely reject the Bible love to quote Matthew 7:1, “Judge not, that you be not judged.”

What did Jesus mean by that?

That’s what we’ll explore, including the perspective that one Super Bowl advertiser brought to millions of viewers. See you Sunday!

Pastor Vince

P.S. God’s blessings to those of you on the road. You can catch Summit’s sermons and give online wherever your travels may take you this summer. Thanks for your partnership in ministry!

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