6/23/17 – It’s a Great Story!

Are you ready to hear a great story?

If so, you won’t want to miss any messages in our new series: Parables – Stories of the Kingdom!

This morning I was talking with a colleague (in a much cooler part of the country) who concluded our call by saying “It’s HOT. Take care!”

Take care! I sometimes end phone conversations that way. Some folks use it to end a note or letter. It’s what Jesus tells the crowd as he introduces the parable of the rich man who gets richer. (Luke 12:13-21)

It’s actually the first of two warnings he gives them. Take care, because there is danger all around. Take care, because there is so much in this world that can do us harm.

I wouldn’t think that a parable about a big harvest would begin with words of warning. I don’t know much about agriculture, but isn’t a big harvest just what is hoped for in farm country? Perhaps this parable isn’t actually about farming.

Jesus is teaching that poverty and hunger are not the only things that might kill you. Too much of a good thing is still too much. Wealth, comfort, and easy living may not kill you, but they might very well kill your soul. Greed is deadly, and wealth is too dangerous to keep in big stacks around your house. You need to share it.

This Sunday I’ll start our series with another teaching story, as found in Matthew 7:24-27. Don’t miss it. And then, don’t miss the opportunity to put it into practice!

My caring Father, I know you are concerned about my well-being and know all the ways I may go astray before I do. Teach me to take care, so that the many blessings of my life don’t become burdens on my soul. Amen.

Take Care!

Pastor Vince

P.S. God’s blessings to those of you on the road. You can catch Summit’s sermons and give online wherever your travels may take you this summer. Thanks for your partnership in ministry!

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