5/21/15 – Hey Y’all – VBS starts in 5 days!

In recent weeks, so many people at Summit and in our community have warmly welcomed my family and me. Thank you. We are genuinely grateful for that!

It has been particularly encouraging, as we have been experiencing so many “firsts” with y’all. (Don’t bust me for that. “Y’all” is a perfectly cordial second person plural pronoun.) We’ve now celebrated our first Easter away from the church family in which our kids grew up, our first Feed My Starving Children event (WOW!), and our first Baptism Bash.

With newfound friends we’ve enjoyed our first cow-milking experience (BTW – 3,000 cows is a LOT of cows.) With the Scouts we’ve been to our first Buckeye City Council meeting, and we’re going to watch the Diamondbacks win this weekend. Like many of you, we’re really looking forward to a Memorial Day cookout in Verrado (another first for us here), and we are eagerly anticipating EVEREST – Summit’s Vacation Bible School.



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As we’ve engaged in the community, I keep having conversations with people who tell me about this wonderful church, called Summit. Before they know who I am, or get around to asking what I do, they’ll tell me that Summit is a welcoming place, filled with friendly people, and a big part of the community. I enjoy hearing those stories, and am so grateful when people express how God has changed their life through our shared ministry.

I Corinthians 12:12-31

This is Summit! All are welcome!

In this letter, Paul compares the Christian Church community to the amazing human body. Though I understand his comparison, I often fail to marvel at the unique giftedness of each member in the Body of Christ. As the Church, the visible embodiment of Christ, we are not healthy unless all are welcomed, encouraged and supported in their contributions, services, struggles and joys. That’s why we lovingly practice interdependency, and celebrate our unity as the Body of Christ – alive! Right where God has placed us.

Be a part of the Body this week at Summit! There are plenty of ways for you to serve in our VBS, or to greet guests warmly on Sunday, to make a difference as we seek to reach the world for Jesus – one life at a time.

Heavenly Father, strengthen us as we include and depend on all of your wondrous children as we seek to do your work here and throughout the world. Amen.

Thanks and blessings,

Pastor Vince

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