3/3/16 – What’s Your Gift?

afeff4de-0afd-4556-aa50-c9c2221cc558What’s your gift?

Ephesians 4:1-16

Consider the multitude of talents people have! Every person we know has many gifts and talents. Last Sunday’s Genius of Generosity Celebration was a great example. Not just in pulling off the event itself, but in all it celebrated. Our Growth Group project banners show the great variety of gifts that Summit has and shares.

I love having the opportunity to sit down with friends (and people I thought I knew pretty well) and listen to them unfold a tapestry of wisdom and experience.

Once I asked a gentleman in my church about leadership experiences in his career. I had no idea he retired from the Navy – as a nuclear submarine captain. I recall asking an older woman about children. She said she had 17. That’s 2 by birth, 9 foster children, and 6 foreign exchange students with whom she maintains a relationship!

I could tell you many more stories, but they’re typically followed by me thinking, “Wow, I could never have imagined that” or “What would it look like if that experience and wisdom was shared beyond this conversation?” Going further, I wonder how much we appreciate the varied gifts in ourselves and those we see every day? How do we encourage one another to use our God-given gifts?

Gifts are not necessarily given equally, but they are given. Paul reminds us that gifts are given because of God’s desire for the work of ministry and the building up of the body in unity under the headship of Christ. How are you using your gifts to build up the body of Christ? Are you using them on the front line? Have you ever considered using them on our church staff?

8b1f8e8f-ef5a-4f93-bc61-11b6d809452dWe are in the process of realigning our staff to maximize effectiveness and mission, and wisely deploy the many gifts which we have been given. While this may look like an increase in our staff size – it actually isn’t.

We’ve been running with unfilled positions since the 2015-2016 Financial Operating Plan began last June, and more critically since a key staff member relocated to Georgia just before Christmas. Now we have the opportunity to retune our staffing dollars – in line with our ministry plan and our strategic environments (Worship, Growth Groups, and Serving).

Here’s the update – first for those you know. Kori Fine, our part-time Director of Growth Groups will be transitioning to a part-time role focused on missions. Initially this will include responsibility for Feed My Starving Children, and our Mexico Mission Trip(s). We are also beginning to examine in what other mission fields we may be most effective. Mike Weniger, our Director of Student Ministry will thus be empowered to focus even more intently on our APEX Youth Ministries.

We are opening up 3 newly defined positions. First is a full-time Director of Growth Groups. This role will include successfully welcoming new people and connecting them in our group ministry, as well as a big investment in leadership development through our Growth Groups. Rounding it all out will be a new part-time position in event leadership and coordination, and a part-time Executive Assistant to support Pastor Nate and me. (Pray particularly for that brave soul.)

Position descriptions for these newly defined roles are over to the left. If you are interested in learning more, or know someone you think ought to apply, take a look – and pray about it! I’m taking a few days off next week to be with my family – but I’m looking forward to reading gift-filled resumes when I return!

Thanks and blessings,

Pastor Vince

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