2/12/16 – Would you like fries with that?

Good morning!

I am up unusually early this morning, briefly reflecting on God’s Word, before the Parks family heads down to Mexico on our first Summit Mexico Mission Trip. We are excited! (Well, as excited as we can be in the middle of the night.)

Please remember to keep the whole Summit team – about 95 people (including almost 40 “first-timers”) in prayer as we travel, and work together to build four homes for needy families.

Last evening our Growth Group got together for our second session of The Genius of Generosity, and we were particularly pleased to meet our newest member, Nora Zoe Ott. She’s not quite a month old, and she didn’t say much, but we were delighted by her presence.

Having a little one with us and this week’s BIG IDEA: “We are stewards of God’s resources, and He trusts us to manage His property well,” got me thinking about when my own kids were younger……..

Luke 16:1-9

I’ve heard the story that some years ago, a father and young son were eating at a nearby McDonald’s. (Just outside of Houston, Texas, as I recall.)

As a special treat for great behavior on the play slidy thing, the father bought his son extra-large fries. (I think the Dad has learned better since then.)

The young son was so excited that, when they came, he immediately started to gobble them down. The father (who as memory serves was eating a healthy salad) wanted to enter into the joy of that culinary experience, and asked to “share” a few of the fries.

The toddler rebuked his father with one strong word, “Mine!”

The father, of course, was taken aback by the response and used it as a paternal teaching moment. Whose fries were they truly? Who owned the fries? Who bought and paid for the fries? Who was strong enough to take away the fries at any second? Who might never drive your little…. well, you know what I mean, back to McDonald’s to ever have fries again?

Time to pray.

Lord, help us to change our vocabulary from “mine” to “ours,” from “gimme” to “thank You,” from “take” to “share.” At all times and in all places, make us people of gratitude; through Your Son, Jesus Christ, whose generosity knows no end. Amen.

Thanks and blessings,

Pastor Vince

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