11/18/15 – He Did More Than Climb A Tree

Luke 19:1-10

Do you feel like you’re out on a limb?

The text does not tell us that Zacchaeus was perched in a precarious position, but it does say (vs.3) that Zacchaeus was curious. Imagine his amazement when Jesus called him by name!

I find this passage so refreshing. Jesus picked him out of a large crowd of people and initiated a relationship. One of the reasons I enjoy this passage is that Zacchaeus wasn’t one of the great prophets like John the Baptist, or one of the great apostles like Paul or Peter, he wasn’t a ruler or a celebrity. He was just an ordinary man – like me. I connect with his story because I’m an ordinary, sinful man, and it helps me to realize how much Jesus values me.

The real teaching point in this story, however, wasn’t who Zacchaeus was or wasn’t. The most important part of the passage is the life change Zacchaeus experienced. Within a minute of meeting Jesus for the first time, he gave away half of his possessions (which had been his greatest treasure for most of his life) and agreed to pay back anyone he had cheated. He knew in order to follow Jesus he had to set aside his idol (money) first. It amazes me to see how this ordinary man was willing to give up everything to follow Jesus. In a very tangible way – Zacchaeus went ALL IN!

This Sunday Pastor Nate continues our ALL IN series of messages with “Beyond Our Walls.” What does that mean for you? Are you curious? I suggest you show up. Who knows, maybe Jesus will call your name too!

Lord, in your name, help us welcome all to repent, and share in the forgiveness we have received. Grant me a heart like Zacchaeus, and strengthen all of us to share the Gospel freely. Amen.

Thanks and blessings,

Pastor Vince

P.S. Y’all did a tremendous job taking ornaments from our Joy of Giving Christmas Tree. We’ll have more ready to go this Sunday – an easy way we can all support the vital work of All Faith Community Services, Buckeye Super Heroes, and Homeless Youth Connection.

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