Sometimes it can seem like the odds are stacked against you.

Many marriages don’t stand the test of time. Parents see their kids get in serious trouble and wonder what they could have done differently.

Research shows that many people feel stuck in their finances and can’t get ahead. Others say they are lonely and don’t feel connected to anyone.

It’s why we are launching a new series this Sunday at Summit called How to Beat the Odds.

We’ll share some practical teaching from God’s Word to help people and families overcome the odds. As we recognize some common pitfalls and learn from those who rise above, I pray that the Holy Spirit will help many this month!

It’s a great series to bring a friend, and we’ll kick things off this Sunday (August 4th) with a message about How to Beat the Odds in Marriage.

Backpack Blessing

As school begins soon for many families, we are also doing something fun for kids and students this weekend.

The Summit Kids and Summit Student teams are handing out copies of the following sticker, which are fun for water bottles or other school gear:

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We want kids & students to know that Jesus is with them and be reminded of that every day!

They are invited to bring their school backpacks with them (or diaper bags for the little ones). Back in the kids and student ministries this weekend, they will take a moment to bless their backpacks and pray for it to be a great year!

I love this season as so many families, parents and teachers start the new year…  It’s also a great time for spiritual growth as people re-engage after summer travel/activities.

Come join us this weekend as we kick off this new series and jump into what will be an exciting school year for our church. I pray it’s a great one for you (and your family) as well!

God’s Blessings,

Pastor Nate

P.S.  This is the final Sunday to bring school supplies for our Verrado High School teachers. We are putting together gift baskets to say thanks (for sharing their campus with us) and bless them as the new school year starts. Click here for a list of supplies and ways to help. Thanks!

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