Former US Olympian
Brode Miller

The Winter Olympics are almost here, and I can only imagine how eager athletes must be for the games to begin!

Skiers are ready for that moment when they can push forward away from the starting gate.

Bobsled teams will lean forward, waiting for the signal that they can launch down the track.

For many different individuals and teams, it’s time to get ready… set… and GO!

New Series Begins Sunday


This Sunday we kick off a new church-wide journey at Summit, and I can’t wait to see what the Lord will do in our church and community.

This is a chance for us to get ready… get set… and GO to make a difference in Jesus’ name!

It’s will be a fun and impactful experience, and I’d love for you be a part of it. Our Be the Message journey is about moving beyond just words to a life of action.



We’ll encourage kids, youth and adults to look for ways that God can work through them. Even small and simple things can make a big difference.

Jesus brought hope and life to our broken world. He personally got involved and ultimately gave his life on the cross. Jesus not only taught the crowds… He demonstrated his love to people in many ways!

The Apostle John, one of Jesus’ closest friends, shares how important that is for us as well:

Dear children, let’s not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions. 1 John 3:18

Living that way blesses families and relationships. It impacts the way we love others in the church.  And it greatly influences how we can Be the Message to others in our community.

So be there this Sunday as we start, and join a Growth Group if you haven’t already!

In addition to options throughout the week for adults, there are some fantastic groups for middle and high school students.  Here’s how to join:

Growth Group Brochure (and more info)
Join a Group (online registration)


It will be fun to see how God works through our time together on Sundays, in homes and out in the community. I’m praying for you and look forward to the next five weeks.

Get ready… get set… and GO!

See you Sunday,

Pastor Nate

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